Commitment & Community

We continue on our journey to lighten our environmental impact and are continually evaluating how we do that. It means producing and buying our collections with longevity in mind, providing our client with considered wardrobing solutions that last. We are doing this authentically and organically, learning along the way and partnering with brands that consciously inform us on this journey.

We have made great strides in having our Husk branded apparel products shipped from partner factories in biodegradable packaging, and are continuing in working towards eliminating single use plastic from this key area of our supply chain.

Our Husk branded products and where possible products from brand partners are shipped by sea reducing our carbon emissions.    

We work closely with artisanal jewellery brands, seeking out coveted pieces that are not mass produced and focus on designers that hand-make their jewellery utilising sustainable practices. We are proud to partner with brands like Temple of the Sun who exemplify what it means to be sustainable.

Our sensory collection is produced in Australia utilising local resource and essential oils and our products and producers are accredited by RSPO and are Ethically Correct Certified.

Our online fulfilment is done via our stores minimising our emissions via reduced warehousing needs, this also allows us to ship via geography minimising transit to our clients and in turn emissions.

Our brand partners have made strides of their own and we are incredibly proud to have them as a part of our journey, we will be sharing more on their wonderful initiatives over time.

 Love Husk xx