Sarah J Curtis Summer Hat - Ivory


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Bringing together a love of summertime, travel and quality craftsmanship, Sarah Curtis works closely with a group of artisans to create core collections and seasonal designs: headwear to elevate the everyday.

Summer Is Here is the quintessential Panama hat, featuring ivory white straw, finely woven by hand, and finished with a fresh white grosgrain ribbon twisted slightly on the side.

White straw with white grossgrain band, 10cm brim

Torquilla Straw

Hat Care - Panama hats are very flexible however they should never be crushed into a bag or box. You must not put heavy objects on any surface of the hat and always pick up your hat by the brim, never by the pinch of the crown otherwise your crown will crack. The best way to clearn your hat is with a damp cloth or baby wipe. Do not leave your hat in direct sunlight, extreme heat or damp / humid conditions. Always keep / place your hat on a flat dry surface when not on your head.Your hat does not like water so please be careful with wet hair when putting back on your head after a swim. Water can cause your Panama hat to shrink or distort due to the nature of straw - a natural fibre. You can always reshape your hat with steam and if you prefer a straight, stiff brim you can achieve this by ironing the brim with a hot iron.

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