Avant Garde Lizzy RNG
Avant Garde Lizzy RNG

Avant Garde Lizzy RNG

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With fifteen years of experience in the industry, Marie-Eve Carre creates bold, stand-alone works of art.

Marie-Eve began her career in Ready-to-Wear, styling Parisian runways. In her quest for the most rare and unusual accessories, she started making a few pieces for herself. Her designs, a mixture between modernity and longevity, captured great attention. With the help of her husband, and her superb fashion sense, Avant Garde Paris was born in 2005.

Known for her non-conformist, visionary approach in jewelry-making, Marie-Eve mixes modern and traditional techniques. Her design work uses the skills of hand and eye, and is entirely unaided by software. As a French style connoisseur, she is passionate for everything exceptional and rare. Most of Avant Garde Paris?s creations are limited edition.