Temple of the Sun - Jewellery designer Yonna Derofe, was raised in Istanbul; the cultural jewel on the Bosphorous… A city, that since ancient times, has linked the silk routes of Asia to the markets of the west... a city of travellers... a city that has inspired merchants, poets, artists, pilgrims, crusaders and emperors with it's beauty, diversity and bounty. Yonna spent countless days, exploring Istanbul's ancient streetscapes, absorbing the rich tapestry of sights, sounds and smells. Immersing herself in the diverse blend of cultures and stories woven into the fabric of Turkey throughout the ages, she collected treasures, memories and inspiration... Now based with her family in Byron Bay, Australia, this inspiration has taken beautiful form; reflected in the exquisite Jewellery she designs. Temple of the Sun introduces a range of Jewellery that speaks to the past with a new language; one that honours the sacred and celebrates the beauty of the divine feminine.