Royal Hamam was born from the love and fascination of travel. Having had the opportunity to travel to some of the most ancient and exotic places on earth, impressions and imprints were made from an early age. This love affair with the exotic world was undertaken with my family, throughout India, Asia, the South Pacific & Northern Africa. Now founder & designer of Australian jewellery label Royal Hamam I travel with an eye keen for the detail found in architecture, sculpture, and the culturally rich dialogue of ceramics & textiles, all of which tell a thousand stories. I design with the aim to create timeless, ageless, & luxuriously exotic jewellery. With a pencil and sketch pad in hand I designed my first collection at the Taj Mahal, in India. My exotic aesthetic had found its voice through jewellery. Designs that resonate of an incredible architectural period translated into designs that are made by hand, by artisans, with care and focus.