Caleidoscopio MEIA LUA
Caleidoscopio MEIA LUA

Caleidoscopio MEIA LUA

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This beautiful Caleidoscopio ring combines freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystals and Brazilian beading to create a statement ring.

One size fits all
Made in Brazil

Founded in 1998, Caleidoscópio is a jewelry studio, where the pieces are totally handcrafted. Under the watchful eye of three archtects (Jeaanine, Mailda and Renata Fontan), the pieces take creative forms with an unusual mix of material and textures, resulting in an original Brazilian work. Inspired in the shapes, colors and textures of nature, using strong and of extreme cultural opulence references, the collections reproduce the Brazilian exuberance in a sophisticated manner. Design pieces exclusive, hancrafted with silver, aloy, Brazilian stones, freshwater pearls, wood, coconut, swarovski crystals and natural materials.