It was the summer of 1997, and the creators of Johnny Was were living by the beach in Southern California. On heavy rotation was the Bob Marley classic song with the eponymous lyric “Johnny Was a good man…” Inspiration struck and a trailblazing women’s fashion company was born.

      Just like the universal and timeless appeal of a great song, Johnny Was designs clothes that cross cultures and defy trends. With a bohemian spirit and a true sense of authenticity, we take our inspiration from anything that is beautiful, genuine and special—a striking piece of artwork, the luxurious hand-stitching on a vintage dress or the natural simplicity of a vibrant bougainvillea.

      Their signature embroideries and effortless silhouettes are unparalleled. After more than 30 years of our artisan-inspired stitch work and luxe fabrications, the undying allure speaks for itself. For the woman looking to showcase her personal style, while appreciating the thoughtful details of timeless techniques. An aesthetic that embraces our California-based lifestyle but always with a global vision.

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