Since starting Jennifer Ouellette Inc. in New York City in 1996, and opening a second studio in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 2009, Jennifer’s designs have been responsibly produced in her private studios. Using her needle and thread as an artist uses pencil and paint, she applies her manual sewing techniques to her millinery sculptures with loving detail. She uses traditional hat materials in non-traditional methods and prefers to build trims instead of using pre- fabricated embellishments.  All of Jennifer's hats made of felt and straw are transformed by steam, individually, on antique wooden blocks, a process called blocking. She teaches her team couture hand sewing techniques that have been passed down to her from generations of milliners, as well as her own meticulous details that set her designs apart. By implementing sustainable practices, Jennifer’s studios and designs are environmentally friendly.  She prefers natural materials over synthetics to construct her products.  Hand and machine sewing are used instead of glue when ever possible.   

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