Chimi - Imagine trying to create a perfect unique look but lacking options. This was the problem Charlie Lindström identified when working as a stylist. Together with his childhood friend Daniel Djurdjevic they started Chimi Eyewear, a Stockholm based eyewear company. Mood is an expression and Chimi believes that style will reflect depending on what vibe you are feeling. Chimi exists for people with a passion to match their style with different colors. The collection doesn’t limit any one to express themselves. It comes in six classical shapes in 10 different colors to match every mood and style of colorful peoples life. The lenses are polarized and 100% UV-protective. The shades are reasonable in price without compromising with the quality for people to afford more than one pair. In addition to the basic collection Chimi has several collaborations with companies and people who inspire, add something new or unexpected to Chimi as a brand.