Caterina Lucchi’s story, soul of the namesake brand, born in Cesena, in the heart of the region of Romagna. It is the story of a tenacious and passionate woman, who has managed to conquer the feminine universe thanks to her style and the desire to create beautiful things. Since the beginning of her career, the designer has had a clear idea of what her goal was: to make creations with an authentic charm, capable to express at the best the personality of who wears them. So a feminine, elegant and refined brand was born. In 1986 Caterina Lucchi gave life to her brand moved by the desire to create objects that reflect herself. Great passion, work ethic and perseverance have not only made a prominent designer, but also a business woman of great success. A feminine and sophisticated style is typical of the collections by Caterina Lucchi, who, looking at the finest leathercraft traditions, gives life to bags designed to be true timeless must-haves in a woman’s closet. At the core of creativity there is the top quality of the materials used and the attention to details which make each and every bag special. All Caterina Lucchi’s collections exude authenticity, passion for high-quality craftsmanship and continuous research. Ever more precious materials, such as alligator and reptile, are shaped on forms and elegant lines playing a rich and refined style.

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