From the vision, expression and design journey of Melbourne designer Camille Alvarez, comes CA Jewellery (formerly Jewellery By Others). Born out of a desire to encourage self expression, CA Jewellery seeks to inspire style conscious, discerning and instinctual women through directional, minimalist and timeless stories. Building around a geometric foundation, each story commences with a simple base inspired by architecture, shape and the evolution of Camille’s own design process. Utilising only the highest of quality metals, each piece incorporates movement, weight and structure, allowing you versatility and playfulness. “I want every person who wears CA Jewellery to feel empowered. I want them to feel as though their jewellery is an extension of themselves; a statement of their style." Building a conversation around local design with integrity and quality, CA Jewellery invites you, our community to share and become a part of our brand story and dialogue