Alchemilla is the exclusive craft Business of Oakland based artist Jen Lorang. She uses vintage, deadstock and repurposed materials to create a unique lone of jewellery. The jewellery collections are thoughtfully selected, limited run creations. Each piece is designed by hand with great attention to craftsmanship, detail and quality. As a small business, Alchemilla is dedicated to sustainable and conscious business practices. They use second hand supplies, materials and packaging whenever possible. Because of current mining practices that cause the devastation of the earth by gem and rock mining, they limit their use of stones, crystals and fine metals in their jewellery. Rather opting for the use of deadstock and vintage materials. Alchemillia is saddened by the continuing trend of cultural appropriation and exotification. You will never see a “Navaho”, ”Southwest”, “Egyptian” or any other insensitively themed jewellery line from Alchemilla.